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Peštan silent piping system is a promoted version of Peštan HTPP home sewage system and it is specially designed for installation in places where sound insulation is taken into account. Installed with special pipe clamps ( with profiled rubber ring) provides reduction in noise an acoustic vibrations up to level of 12dB*. The latest technology of three-layer extrusion pipe and materials modified with mineral additivies have raised disposal of waste water systems within the building structure on a higher level.

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  • Production program Peštan S LINE pipes for the installation of sewage systems inside buildings includes pipes produced from high quality polypropylene-copolymer (PP-C) hardened mineral additives, in technology, three-layer composite pipes according to the requirements of EN 1451, in diameters from Ø32 to Ø160.

    S line 53

    The whole system of wastewater disposal within a complete rounded program designed modern fittings, high performance, made of the same material, according to the same European standard, in all appropriate diameters.

  • Resistance to elevated temperature:

    Complete program Peštan S LINE pipes and fittings for sewerage inside buildings resistant to constant heat load of + 60 ° C, as well as short-term thermal load of + 95 ° C.

    Physical properties of materials

    The density of 9 g / cm3, according to ISO 1183
    Tensile strength of 28 MPa according to ISO 527
    Modulus of stretching 1,300 MPa according to ISO 527
    Impact strength according to Sharpy 70 kJ / m², according to ISO 179

    Chemical resistance of materials

    Peštan S LINE pipes and fittings are resistant to salt water, alcohol, acids, alkalis, sulphates, aggressive gas and all kinds of detergents. On the other hand, can not be used for the transport of water which contains high percentage of benzene, benzine (petrol) or acetone.

    A complete table of chemical resistance can be downloaded in section Download.

    Connecting S LINE pipes

    Peštan S LINE pipes and fittings are connected via sockets, a water resistance is achieved through the sealing rings made of EPDM rubber (EN 681), which are inserted into the socket.

    Installation and testing

    Pestan S LINE pipes and fittings are installed in accordance with EN 12056 Gravity systems inside buildings.

    Testing of internal sewage is mandatory in modern residential construction.

    The pipeline should not overlap prior to the execution of the test, all connections must be visible and clean. All openings must be temporarily closed during the test water resistance. The water with which the watertightness is tested should be dry. Overpressure testing water resistance ranges from a minimum of 0.03 bar to 0.5 bar maximum. Tightness test takes an hour. Criteria for passing the test water resistance is to not lose more than 0.5 liters / hour for every 10 m2 of internal surface of the pipeline.

    Reduction of noise

    There are two types of noise that vary widely in the medium through which is transmitted:

    The noise of airborn (Airborn noise)
    The noise that is transmitted through the walls of buildings (Structure-borne noise)

    Both types of noise can be reduced to optimal levels in different ways.

    The noise of airborn (Airborn noise) is reduced so that the pipes and fittings produced by special technology of special materials (materials reinforced-modified mineral additives) or by optimizing the use of fittings in places change of direction of the pipeline.

    The noise that is transmitted through the walls of buildings (Structure-borne noise) is reduced so that the pipeline is installed properly with good quality clamps with molded rubber (fixed points) and the optimum tightening clamp (slip point).

    To determine the effectiveness of the sound insulation, the system of pipes and fittings for house sewage installations, Peštan S LINE system was sent for testing at the renowned German Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP) in Stuttgart.

    The tests were carried out according to EN 14366 (Laboratory measurement of noise from waste water installations) and DIN 4109 (Sound insulation in buildings – Requirements and verifications) and Peštan S LINE system has shown excellent results with the measured noise level of just 12dB (A ).

  • Hotel Putnik Kopaonik

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Putnik Kopaonik d.o.o. Kopaonik

    Architect: Design studio S Kruševac

    Contractor: p.d. Erozija a.d. Valjevo

    Hotel Putnik Kopaonik is located in the sunny valley, the most beautiful part of Kopaonik, at 1650 meters above sea level, only 15 minutes walk from the tourist center of the mountain and ski lifts. Guests have 80 standard, 13 Lux rooms and three apartments at their disposal. The hotel will become a “Resort” with swimming pool and SPA center, but also many other facilities, so we can conclude that this building will be one of the most beautiful in Kopaonik. The following products of the company Peštan are included in installation in this project:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM FIBER pipes and fittings, S LINE pipes and fittings for low noise sewage, CONFLUO PREMIUM drains and shower drains and PVC KG pipes and fittings for outdoor sewage.

    Hotel-business complex in Rajićeva, block 20

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Ashtrom International

    Architect: Mašinoprojekt KOPRING

    Contractor: A.B.D. d.o.o.

    One of the most prestigious capital projects – ‚‚Rajićeva“ Shopping Center, with a hotel and 500 new parking spaces, extending to 58,000 square meters. For the needs of this project, Peštan company supplies the following equipment:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM FIBER, S LINE low noise sewage, PVC KG pipes and fittings and PEHD water pipes.

    Residential and commercial building Krilova 2

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Aleksandar gradnja d.o.o. Novi Sad

    Architect: Aleksandar gradnja d.o.o. Novi Sad

    Contractor: ‚‚Pro-uno Invest” Novi Sad

    On this project, following the many years of cooperation and the satisfaction of investors and contractors, the company Peštan is present with the following products:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM FIBER pipes and fittings, 3P PVC, S LINE, CONFLUO Standard shower drains.

    Residential and commercial building Braće Ribnikar 2

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: ‚‚City gradnja profit“ d.o.o.

    Architect: ‚‚Studio I“ Novi Sad

    Contractor: GP ‚‚Raz“ d.o.o. Novi Sad

    This building has 126 residential units placed in 12 floors at over 14.000 square meters. Following products of the company Peštan took their place into this great project:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM FIBER pipes and fittings, 3P PVC, S LINE, CONFLUO PREMIUM shower drains, FLUENTA flushing cisterns with dual flushing plates with glass type ONYX and DIAMOND.

    Hotel Ambasador – Niš

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: My Place, Niš

    Architect: Alterno Inc, Niš

    Contractor: ‚‚Bojan“ o.d. Vlasotince

    Long-awaited reconstruction of the hotel Ambasador in Niš is underway and it is agreed with the investor that following products of the company Peštan will be used in reconstruction:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM FIBER pipes and fittings, 3P PVC, S LINE, PVC KG, HDPE pipes and fittings, PERT-Al-PERT pipes, PP corrugated pipes, CONFLUO PREMIUM shower drains, FLUENTA flushing cisterns.


    Country: Serbia
    Investor: Inkop d.o.o Ćuprija

    For the purpose of building internal drainage at the Hotel Gray on Mount Kopaonik, investor opted for low noise tube type S LINE, with a diameter of ø 32 to ø 160. Enterijer M Gradnja from Belgrade has set low noise pipes and fittings, taking into account the strict rules of placing them, to obtain adequate performance for low noice installation.

    Gray Hotel is located on the most famous Serbian winter resort of Kopaonik. Hotel Gray has 4 stars and is one of the most beautiful and most popular hotels on the mountain.

    The total value of the goods supplied is about 35.000 euros, and the project was implemented in 2015.

    Reconstruction of hotel “Pirot”

    Country: Serbia
    Investor: GZZ PIONIR Vlasotince

    For the purpose of reconstruction of the hotel Pirot, investors S & V Driling, investor GZZ pionir Vlasotince, supplied the S LINE pipes in diameters from ø 50 to ø 160. Reconstructed hotel has 5 stars and represents a real jewel of the south of Serbia, and the installation S LINE low-noise tube contributes to absolutely quiet sleep in this hotel.

    The total value of the goods supplied is about 50.000 euros, and the project was implemented in 2015.