In touch with elegance and modern technology

In touch with elegance and modern technology 2

In order to follow modern technological achievements and demands of modern consumers, we created products that, besides flawless functionality, are characterized by simple design and elegance. The bathroom represents a space in which we spend a lot of time, so it is not surprising that we want the details, that are necessary for smooth functioning, must easily fit with the interior, be easy to maintain, but also a perfect look. Following the advice of experts, engineers and designers, we have incorporated minimalism, simplicity and elegance in the best possible way into products that form the essence of every bathroom. We designed all the products with special care so that your touch with them would be a real pleasure.


In touch with silence – S Line

In touch with elegance and modern technology 4

The modern way of life allows us to use new technological and scientific achievements and to live more comfortably. However, the modern way of life involves a fast pace of life, a lack of free time and stress. Life in the city can make us unhappy and irritable because of the noise that is present at almost every step. Bearing in mind the importance of noise protection, we have been working on improving the sewer pipes for years, until we have produced a new S Line silent pipes, which in combination with our clamps reduces the noise level and acoustic vibrations to a level of 12 dB. Their application in residential buildings of modern construction will allow you a quiet sleep and quality time with your family, without noise and nervousness.


In touch with modern technology – Fluenta built-in cistern

In touch with elegance and modern technology

Whether it’s a brand new or an adaptation of an existing bathroom, the built-in cistern is the right solution. In addition to taking a significantly smaller place in the bathroom, it looks more modern and easily fits with every interior. With the special mechanism, the Fluenta built-in cistern is very easy to fit into the corner of the bathroom.

Modern activation keys will perfectly fit with any design you can imagine, because you can choose from four different designs (Play, Active, Onyx, Diamond) and four colors (White, Black, Shine Chrome and Brushed Chrome).


In touch with intimacy – Fluenta Rimless toilet bowl

In touch with elegance and modern technology 3

Fluenta Rimless console toilet bowl offers a completely new flush technology that does not allow the retention of bacteria and impurities beneath the inner edge. One click allows access to all parts of the toilet bowl and considerably facilitates hygiene. The board also features a “soft close” mechanism, which reduces noise during lowering and prevents it from accidentally releasing. Fluenta Rimless console toilet bowl is of modern and elegant design and without visible mounting parts, therefore it is the right choice for those with fine taste, which is important for the fitting of every detail in the bathroom.


In touch with elegance – Confluo drains

In touch with elegance and modern technology 1

Today’s modern and elegant bathrooms are the “walk in” shower cabins. They represent the ideal solution for both small and large bathrooms. The so-called “barrier-free” showers make it easy and quick to enter the cabin, a large number of different sizes are adapted to the size of the cabins, and their elegant looks are quite different from standard drains. The minimalist design their profile features represents a very elegant solution, especially for models that do not have a frame around the glass, the so-called Frameless models – Frameless Line and Frameless Line Glass. There are many advantages in walk-in showers; easier to maintain than ordinary cabins or bathtubs, quickly and easily mounted, practical and convenient. They represent a real pleasure after a busy day and make the room more elegant and modern, which all contribute to a better time in the bathroom and satisfaction.