Non-working days during the Easter holiday

  Dear visitors and associates, above all, we want to wish you a happy Easter. During the holidays, non-working days in the company Peštan are as follows: 14, 15, 16 and 17. April .


Peštan company obtained a Golden certificate of Creditworthiness Rating

Peštan Company became the proud owner of a Golden certificate of Creditworthiness Rating  for 2016, which boasts only 0.02% of companies in Serbia. Peštan for three years in a row is a bearer of the highest credit worthiness ratings “AAA” and thus deserved the GOLD certificate of Creditworthiness Rating...


Architects and engineers visited the company Peštan

In the last two weekends, Peštan company hosted architects and engineers from all over Serbia, with the idea to present innovations and novelties in the product mix. In two groups the company was visited by close to 200 experts in the field of construction.   In the magnificent five...


Peštan company obtained INSTA-CERT certification for PE-Water pipes

Every successful manufacturer strives to the good quality of their products and then the documents that confirm this. For Peštan company is always important to have a professional approach in accordance with the rules of each market in which the company operates. For the Scandinavian countries, company obtained INSTA-CERT certification for PE-Water...



Photo shooting of new „EVOLUTION“ drains manufactured by Pestan was performed in exclusive „EURODOM“ showroom. Our wish was to get closer to our customers with a new brand from our drains family. The friendly staff and wonderful ambience of „EURODOM“ showroom, significantly helped to present new brand of drains...


Pestan company obtained VUSAPL certification for HDPE and HDPE-RC water pipes

As primarily export oriented company, we intend to approach each and every market very seriously, which was the case during the making of strategy for presenting ourselves on the market of Slovakia. One of the conditions for increased exportation of HDPE and HDPE-RC water pipes to fore mentioned market...


PEŠTAN obtained KOMO certification for PVC PIPES sn4 and sn8 by norm 13476

As mainly export oriented company we intent to approach to every market as serious as possible, which was the case with making the strategy for entering Dutch market. One of the conditions for increased export of PVC range to mentioned market was obtaining the KOMO certification, from certification house ...


Road Show 2016

Our mobile booth titled Road Show started its touring of the countries in the region. Macedonia was the first stop. During the ten days of the presentations, our trailer was set up in the following cities: Strumica, Štip, Kumanovo, Prilep, Bitola, Ohrid, Tetovo, and Skopje. In Macedonia, the presentations...


Peštan at the “Challenges of Sustainable Growth” business forum

The 2016 SymOrg at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade saw the Challenges of Sustainable Growth Business Forum take place on Saturday, June 11, 2016. The organizer and one of the participants of the Forum was Prof. Ondrej Jasko, PhD, while other participants included representatives from the public...


Spending Time with Customers and Distributors

Peštan is constantly working on educating and informing its employees, as well as its customers and distributors. That is why the previous period saw the company organizing presentations with diverse content. Every week the company welcomed more than 100 customers and distributors from all over Serbia as its guests....