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Motivated by the concept of the shower with a barrier-free entrance we designed solutions that will completely satisfy all the expectations both in terms of functionality and design. The rich assortment of Confluo drains which consist of central drains and shower drains of different sizes and grid models will perfectly fit into your space.

The ideal solution for walk-in showers. The most popular Confluo linear drains belong to this product category, as well as the Confluo Wall Drain. All models feature a large selection of sizes, 3 types of the grid (glass, stainless steel, and 24-carat gilding), high flow rate, and ultra-low self-cleaning S base with the ability to rotate 360 degrees.



Peštan “Board” program of preinstalled shower drains represents the result of constant searching for better and more efficient solutions for our customers worldwide. With this product, we made a big step ahead concerning waterproofing, safety, and aesthetics, as we have minimized the possibility of mistakes and significantly reduced the time and effort for installation. With this product, as a producer, we have taken responsibility on our side and made modern, quality, and time-effective solutions for our clients.
Peštan Company offers to clients more than 150 different models of Confluo floor drains. All models have body made of plastic and grid made of stainless steel, glass or gold, which we possess in various designs (Tide, Square, Drops, Plate 2 in 1, Black & White Glass, Ceramic and Gold) and sizes (10×10 cm, 15×15 cm and 20×20 cm). Main advantages are: Big variety of models, maximum flow rate, modular and flexible systems with 6 different outputs, 3 different types of siphons. You can make your own floor drain system easy for installation and maintenance




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